Hunting with Welsh Springer Spaniels


Statesman is pleased to be the first kennel to have bred a Welsh Springer that has won BEST of BREED at Westminster Kennel Club and also earn a hunting title. We are also the first kennel to have had a Welsh Springer Spaniel win BEST IN SHOW Field Dog at the prestigous American Spaniel Club Flushing Spaniel Show. We have had three different dogs win this - Ch Statesman's Tennyson JH WDX CHIC, Ch Bentcroft Statesman's Logo WD CHIC, and GCH Statesman's Amicus JH WD RE VC CHIC. We have produced over 25 Welsh Springer Spaniels with hunting titles and many other pleasure hunting dogs.


One of our most rewarding activities is hunting with our dogs. Many hours are spent training pups and young dogs for fieldwork. There is nothing quite like watching a puppy awaken to the fact that it is a bird dog. There is also nothing quite like watching your dog enthusiastically search for a bird and become ecstatic upon finding scent, then finding and flushing the bird into the air. This instinct has been bred into Welsh for hundreds of years.


Welsh Springers have not been separated into show and field types, and we hope that the division never occurs in the breed. The majority of Welsh Springers will become accomplished hunters if given the right training and exposure to birds, water, guns, and field conditions. Amazingly, much training can be accomplished at home—either in the yard or even in the house. But it is important to get your Welsh out into the field and correctly exposed to birds, cover, and water while the dog is still young.


It is not impossible to get an older dog started and trained for the field, but it is much, much easier to do with a puppy or young dog. Spaniels are sensitive and need gentle methods when working in the field. It is easy to ruin a spaniel with harsh or incorrect handling or training methods. For information on training your puppy or young adult, we highly recommend the books:


“HUP! Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way”

by James Spencer

ISBN 157779043X

Available from Amazon




"Retriever Training For Spaniels"

by Pamela Kadlec

ISBN O971710309

Available from Dogwise